RSMA’s consultants & our associate partners approach to crisis & emergency management systems (CEMS) ensures our clients are better prepared for, can better respond to & recover from business interruptions of any nature.

We provide Clients with a range of support options & combined with our extensive practical experience, our support includes:

  • Working internationally & domestically in small or large teams addressing corporate, country, business, project or site specific needs & requirements
  • Emergency Response Plan preparation & implementation for whole of organisation or project specific activities,
  • Assessment of potential business continuity, crisis & emergency risks, media & stakeholder impacts
  • Conduct of gap analysis assessments of CEMS, associated infrastructure, strategies, personnel & practices
  • Development of response/recovery plans & associated capability enhancement  
  • Conduct of in-house training, exercises & drills to test CEMS contingencies & response teams
  • Implementation of company specific CEMS training programs for team & project site members
  • Counter terrorism & security plan development/implementation
  • Remote oilfield services/portable machine shop, engineering, procurement & fabrication support including NDT inspections
  • 24/7 advice & ‘insitu’ support by senior crisis-experienced practitioners
  • Ongoing benchmarking, performance monitoring & evaluation of CEMS, critical infrastructure & business continuity plans




Our senior personnel have for many years,
worked closely with associate organisations
who provide some very unique solutions.



Our team is able to conduct technical,
inspections or Fit For Purpose inspections to
meet all of your regulatory needs.



Our key strength is the ability to build a
team that meets your specific needs using
our team of capable, qualifed and
experienced associates.